2014 Review Extravaganza - Q2

I'm linking up with a ton of wonderful gals who want to know what we have been up to this year. If you want to play along, visit any one of them, Karen @ A Peek at Karen's WorldKenzie @ Chasing My ExtraordinaryEmmy @ Emmy MomAmy @ Involuntary Smiles Melissa @ Making MelissaAmanda @ Meet @ the BarreNicole @ Midwestern at HeartAngie @ My So-Called Chaos, and Shane @ Whispering Sweet Nothings for the details!

This week, we're recapping April, May, and June. 

Elise turned 18 months old.

I did a little Easter and Summer sewing for Elise.

We crammed a ton of fun into Spring Break!

The Rev and Elise started a beautiful Mother's Day tradition.

I tried to keep it real for you....

Emmy inspired me to create some Important Date art.

Elise made a Summer Bucket List.

And, well.....


Nicole said...

Oh goodness those dresses are adorable... my baby is behind yours... just send them my way... lol :). No they really are super adorable!!

Kenzie Smith said...

The dresses turned out adorable! Sounds like a great few months :D