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Mommy Advice: Binkies & Butts

So, from time to time I like to open up the floor to all of you Moms with experience and solicit your advice on Mommy issues. Today's topics....binkies - how to get rid of them and butts - how to get them on the toilet.

Up until about 2 months ago, Elise could take or leave her binkie. We started trying to break her, letting her have it only at nap and at night and she was doing great...then she got sick. And all of a sudden she started calling for her "bebe" and wants it all of the time. Our goal is to have it gone by the time that she turns 2 (5 months away), but I'm thinking we might need to speed that up before she gets further attached. So, what has worked for you? How have you phased out the pacifier?

And now we tackle the topic of potty training. Each week, I receive an email about development for children who are Elise's age, and for the past 2 months, every email has included talk about potty training. I'm thinking about trying in July, since I have that month away from work and could devote extra energy to it. Anybody have any tried and true methods?....And I'm not talking about giving her Big Gulps and letting her run around naked either, that method is a little scary. Anybody try potty training before age 2? Should I just wait until she is older? I've known kids to train as young as 15 months and as old as 4, what has your experience been? Please chime in here, I need your help!


Mommy Advice: Chores for Toddlers?

So, you know that I am still new to this whole motherhood gig and from time to time, I like to get some advice from the pros (that's you!). The topic today? Chores. how young were your children when you started giving them chores? What kinds of chores did you give them? How did you hold them accountable?

I should pause here to banish any thoughts that you may have that Elise is being held hostage in something akin to Kathie Lee's sweat we aren't working her like some little slave, but even at 17 months old, she is learning to help and quite frankly she beams when she is praised for completing her "chores."

Right now, Elise helps with the following: opening and closing the dishwasher, loading silverware in the dishwasher basket, putting groceries away in the 2 bins at the bottom of the fridge, throwing away trash during meal prep and cleanup, cleaning up her bath toys each night, setting out silverware and condiments for dinner, and her new favorite - putting Daddy's change in his piggy bank. Most nights the forks and condiments are perched precariously on the edge of the table and we won't be winning any awards for best place settings, but she does it by herself. Giving her small tasks that she can safely accomplish by herself also allows me to get dinner ready or put groceries away and still keep her occupied close by.

So, what do chores look like at your household? What did they look like when you were growing up?


Mommy Advice: Do You Eat Out?

Elise is a self feeder and has been for some time, she doesn't use a spoon yet, just her hands (she eats mostly what we eat, just cut into small bite sized pieces), but she is very independent about it and I don't want to discourage her. This has been a surprising Mommy time for me, as I am usually a freak about messes. I guess that I just know that it is helping her develop skills that she needs and I just don't mind the messes as much as I thought I would. (I've also realized that I can handle throw up, if it is my own child's, who knew?)

Anyway, I still struggle with what the appropriate thing to do when we eat out is (and after talking it over with some fellow Moms, I realize that I am not alone). Inevitably about 1/3 of her food ends up in the high chair seat or on the floor. I can clean up the high chair and table, and always do, but what do you do about the mess on the floor? Do you pick it up? Leave it and apologize to your server? Tip extra?

How do you deal with your kids and eating out? And if you don't have kids, but you've ever worked in food service, I'd also love to hear how you would like for parents to deal with the messes?


Mommy Advice: Pierced Ears?

So, I have been considering having Elise's ears pierced, but my Mom made me wait until I was 10 and old enough to take care of them myself. I'm curious to see what other Moms have done for their little girls, or what your thoughts are on the subject in general. Are your little girl's ears pierced? How old was she when you had them done? Am I being vain? Should I wait to let her make the decision herself? Will I be missing out on a Mommy/Daughter bonding experience if she isn't old enough to remember having them done? What if she gets older and doesn't like pierced ears, will she resent that I made the decision for her?

Help me out--you don't have to have a daughter, maybe your ears were pierced as a child, how old were you? I'm just trying to gather info and opinions before I make a decision. What is your take on the subject?