What Elise Wore: Her Easter Dress

Growing up, our Mom made all of our special occasion clothes. Back then I was sure it was either to stretch her single parent budget or because she took special joy in dorking my brother and I out in matchy matchy outfits. But after finishing a few dresses for Elise lately, including her Easter dress, I think that I may have stumbled on to the real reason...there is nothing like sending your little one out the door knowing that they are literally wrapped in your love. I sure do love that little girl (and my Mom for all of those outfits, too!).

{Pepper's Dress: DIY by me; pattern here, Hairbow: DIY by me, Silver Sandals: Mooshu Trainers (eBay)}


Jill said...

Elise looks adorable in her Easter dress. How awesome that you take the time and care to sew her clothing. My mom did that a bit for us as kids. I really wish she'd teach me how to sew! SO cute!!!!

Sarah Shumate said...

What a beautiful job you did! It's so perfect for her! I love the matching hairbow, too! :)