Egg Roll in a Bowl

Sometimes I have a habit of pinning recipes and never trying them. But this is definitely one of those that I am glad that I actually got around to trying.

This is one of our favorite low carb, quick go-to dinners! I can seriously have it on the table in less than 15 minutes, start to finish. And ground pork (we use plain pork and add our own spices, since traditional sausage has a tendency to have tons of unnecessary sugars in it) is super cheap at our grocery store (I can usually get it for about $1/lb.), so this Sausage Egg Roll in a Bowl is also very budget friendly. We serve it over a little quinoa, but you could just as easily eat it by itself.

Do you have a favorite quick dinner?


Tipsy Tuesday (#364)

They sent home cute tie dyed shirts from Elise's preschool this year...and I tossed it in the wash with regular clothes, not realizing that the color hadn't been set very well. That meant that 2 pair of new khaki shorts that I had in there, now had blue dye all over them...

Tip #364

Try using a color remover before you throw what you think are ruined clothes away.

I paid just $2 for this
brand, and after a 2 minute stir in the kitchen sink and a regular wash, all of the dye came out! Did I mention that before that I had tried every stain remedy known to man with no success?

Serious life saver!


What's Up This Weekend?

Here's what's up this weekend at our house:
  • Father's Day(s)! Since we are tied up all day Sunday, we are planning to spoil the Rev on Saturday with dinner, then follow up with gifts and cards on Sunday - he loves to stretch a holiday out!
  • Assembling Father's Day goodies for all of the Dads in our church congregation.
  • Sandal shopping - Elise is in desperate need. These are our favorites that we get every year, but her size has been hard to come by thus far this year.
  • Some rest for Elise - she is doing an all day kiddie camp, 3 days a week, and having a blast, but no nap means she is a little grumpy some evenings. I am hoping that she can catch up this weekend because...
  • Vacation Bible School starts on Sunday and that means that we will be at church until at least 8:30 every night through Wednesday. Exhausting!
  • Countdown! Only 2 weeks of work left before I break for the month of July. Can't wait!
  • And of course, it is not a weekend without the usual house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep.
What are your plans this weekend?


Tipsy Tuesday (#363)

We've reached the time of year when our friends are sharing their garden overload. I love it! Especially since it provides me with veggies that I don't usually buy, since the Rev is not much on them.

Tip #363

It's a great time to remind us of the proper way to store fruits and vegetables for maximum freshness (see chart).

What is your favorite summer veggie? And how do you prepare it? I love corn on the cob and zucchini!


Tipsy Tuesday (#362)

Elise is just wrapping up some swim lessons and we have fun plans for a summer full of water.

Tip #362

It never hurts to brush up on water safety rules and tips for success at the pool.


Weekend Recap in Photos

{Last swim lesson - oh, how far she has come!}

{Toe twinsies}

{Church trip to Zootastic}

{Daddy's Flower Girl}


She Is Listening...

The Rev is an extrovert, I am an introvert. He is a go out and do new things guy, I am a stay home and live safe gal. He loves to try new things, I love to stay in my comfort zone. He is spontaneous, I am planner. We are a true Odd Couple and somehow it works.

Elise is a true mix of the both of us - wants to jump in and do, but hangs back until she is sure. She loves the idea of an adventure and greets each day with a "Where are we going/what are we doing today?," but still wants you to outline the plan for her so that she is prepared. We try very hard to talk up any opportunity to do something different and get her excited to try new things, but she still hangs back a little. Up until 6 months ago, she wouldn't get in a bouncy house, and any slide bigger than what she is used to is usually a no go. 

Her friend, Ridge, had a birthday party this past Saturday - a dinosaur themed water party - her preschool friends, water guns, a small pool, and a giant bouncy water slide. I figured the slide was going to be a no, but 2 hours into the party, I looked over and there she was taking turn after turn on that huge slide, like it was no big deal at all. When we finally dragged her off to go home, I told her how proud I was of her for being brave and going down that big water slide. And in words that have come straight out of our mouths to her so many times she said to me, "I just told myself, "You can do it, you are a brave girl, you can do hard things."            

Someday, too soon in the near future, she will be a moody teenager and I will be convinced that she does not listen to a word that I say, so this is my reminder that she is always listening, even when it doesn't seem like it.

Photo credit to our friend, Brooke


Tipsy Tuesday (#361)

It's that time of year...when the lily whites of the world, like myself, have to be extra cautious when being exposed to the sun's rays.

Tip #361

This infographic offers some great reminders about the damages of sun exposure.

The risks of skin cancer are real, so be sure to protect yourself and those that you love.


Elise: Three & A Half

Dear Elise,

You are 3 1/2 (actually 3 years and 7 months, but Mommy is running a little late with this post!) Every day we see a little more of who you are going to be. Here is what you are up to:

•Vitals: You are 41 inches tall and weigh 33.2lbs.

•Eating: Some days yes, some days no. You are still a nibbler and love to graze all day long. And you have definitely inherited a love of condiments from your Daddy, you would dip everything if we let you! Carrots with ranch is always your snack of choice.

•Sleeping: You still take an afternoon nap, but are getting ready to go to day camp for the summer, 3 days a week, and there is no nap time, so not sure what that might change. And you are still the world's best bedtime staller....you've added in a back scratch request that I cannot turn down. And when I try to leave, you lean in and whisper, "let's talk for 1 more minute..."

•Wearing: You are in mostly 3T with a few 4T items thrown in. Your legs are impossibly long and make finding summer clothes super hard. You can undress yourself with no problems, but are still getting the hang of the dressing part.

•Talking: ALL. DAY.LONG. You have a newfound love for making up your own words that make absolutely no sense, but it is pretty funny. You love to quote Beauty and the Beast and Big Hero 6 word for word.

•What You Love: Water play outside, swimming lessons (finally!), going to school and church, your friends, making sure your dresses twirl, lip gloss and hairspray, family adventures - no matter how small, parties, Tumbleleaf, superheroes, candy, painting with watercolors, flamingoes, and pretend play.
•What We Love: ALL OF YOU! Even the occasional threenager drama. Your hugs and kisses are the best! Your heart for others is beginning to emerge and I love it. You are our most favorite girl!

Mommy (and Daddy!)


Tipsy Tuesday (#360)

So, this has never happened before, but I have worn out a pair of tennis shoes. Now I have to pick new ones and I just got used to these...

Tip #360

I think that I will use this water test to determine my foot's arch and exactly what kind of support I need in a shoe.

Sometimes I find the sales associates to be helpful, others not so much, so this will allow me to do my own research and shop informed.

Do you have a favorite workout shoe (notice I didn't say running, because that is not going to happen!)?


Tipsy Tuesday (#359)

As Elise gets a little older, we have increased her responsibilities and are encouraging her to gain some independence. She is learning to do new things everyday and we are doing everything that we can to equip her for success.

Tip #359

While it seems small, teaching her to get herself water to drink on her own has given her a little boost of confidence. She is so proud of herself! And we are going to use this idea from Made Everyday with Dana to cut down on cups used per day and to keep her cup at the ready.

A cute cup, a magnet, some glue and there you have it! Her cup will stick to the fridge and she will always have one where she can reach it.

Maybe her Daddy can stick a cup to the fridge and cut down on the number that he uses, too...


Tipsy Tuesday (#358)

Elise has been begging to go on a camping trip...I will pause and let those who truly know me stop laughing...

Tip #358

I'm using this list from Fix.com to learn all that I can about packing for a camping trip. I love a good planning/organizational challenge...but I don't like bugs, animal noises, sleeping on the ground, bath houses...

Do you have any camping tips?


May the Fourth Be With You!

Daddy has been trying to raise a little Star Wars (Star Whores if you pronounce it like Elise!) fan...RD Tooty (R2D2) is her favorite. Happy Star Wars Day and may the fourth be with you!


Tipsy Tuesday (#357)

It is Teacher Appreciation Week this week. Hopefully, you have something special planned for the teachers in your life - Elise is giving brownies from our favorite bakery and Amazon gift cards to her teachers.

Tip #357

And if you are a teacher, here is a list of freebies and deals that are available to celebrate you this week!

Guide to Teacher Appreciation Discounts 2016


Weekend Recap in Photos

{Volunteering at MerleFest - anybody want a turkey leg the size of your head?}

{Strawberry Picking!}

{ A sports themed Prom Photo Shoot}

{Lots of rain!}