"I Faking!"

Elise has learned the difference between real and fake. One of her favorite tricks is to pretend to cry or cough, or hiccup and then bust into a fit of giggles, proclaiming, "I faking!" Because it's Hump Day and you might need something to get you over, here are her fake hiccups. 



Tipsy Tuesday (#282)

Getting ready for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!

Tip #282

LifeHacker shares some great tips for picking and preserving your pumpkin.

For instance, "If possible, get pumpkins locally. Picking from the local pumpkin patch is ideal. The pumpkin grew right across town from you, it hasn't been transported or banged around in a semi-truck, and you carry it right home from the field. Barring that, local produce stands will have pumpkins grown at those farms but transported on your behalf."

So, are you a painter, carver, or a leave it like it is pumpkin person?

P.S. Look how little E was last year!


Is It All In My Head? Yes....and No

So, to catch you up to speed...on and off for the last 3 years, I have smelled smoke, but it's not really there. I've had more sinus infections than you can count and now 2 ear infections in less than 3 months. Finally a Dr. listened to me and decided this is not normal and maybe there is something real going on, it's not just all in my head.

I mentioned to you last Wednesday that she had me scheduled for a CT scan to see what we could find. They called me Thursday with the results and sure enough, I have a tumor on my sinuses. They believe based on the shape that it is benign, but we will go tomorrow to an ENT to discuss options and next steps.

My first thought was relief that they found something and I am not crazy - there have been many times in the last few years that the smell has really made me feel like I was going nuts. Of course, my second thought, was "Happy 10th Anniversary, you have a tumor!" (Also, is it possible to say tumor in a non-Arnold Schwarzenegger accent?)

My head has hurt constantly for the last 3 weeks and the pressure in my ears is insane, so I am really looking for relief and healing. We are going to some of the best doctors available and I feel confident that they will come up with the right plan for me, but if you are inclined to pray, we would certainly appreciate it. I'll keep you updated.


Tipsy Tuesday (#281)

Ugh, it is that time of year again...Inevitably, with the return to school and cooler weather comes sickness...we were just 1 week back to preschool and it struck at our house.

Tip #281

Take Clean Mama's advice and assemble a sick kit so that you don't have to hunt all over the house or dash to the store at the first sign of illness.

And don't miss her list of things to make sure that you clean when the kids (or anyone!) gets sick.


Blueberry Crumb Squares

Another month of baking with the Cake Slice Bakers is complete! I selected Blueberry Crumb Squares this month since I had all ingredients on hand, except for the canned blueberries. I baked them to take to my Book Club, and then nobody showed up, so I ended up taking them to work to share. They pretty much licked the pan clean! This was a very easy bake and was mixed by hand, so you don't even have to pull the mixer out! The recipe can be found in Carole Walter's Great Cakes.



Listening...to K-LOVE.

Eating...my morning apple (again)...boring.

Drinking...Diet Cherry Pepsi.


Wearing...black crop pants, aqua T, multi-colored scarf, Sanuk yoga mat flip flops (I almost want to cry when I realize that flip flop weather will be over soon!)

Feeling...tired and anxious. I'm having a CT scan today to try and figure out why I keep getting sinus infections and why I still smell smoke.

Needing...the antibiotic prescribed for said sinus infection to kick in...9 doses in and still no relief from the insane pain and pressure in my head.

Wanting...to get a new dining table...I think I have the Rev talked into one...cross your fingers.

Thinking...that I need to check off some of the things on my birthday party planning list for Elise. Invitations going out this week!

Enjoying...Elise's sense of humor! She has learned how to fake cry and hiccup and it is absolutely hilarious. She does it and then looks at you and giggles and says "I faking!"


Tipsy Tuesday (#280)

Fall means everybody is going pumpkin crazy....

Tip #280

Try one of these unusual ways to use a can of pumpkin and get a taste of fall.

I don't like pie or expensive pumpkin flavored coffee (we can still be friends, though..), but I might be willing to give these a try. I bet Elise would love the smoothie! What is your favorite way to sneak the pumpkin in?


Quality Kitchen Time

I am in serious need of some therapeutic kitchen time! Here is what is on my cooking/baking wish list right now:

Caramelized Baked Chicken Wings

Grilled Ginger Sesame Chicken Salad

Cheesecake Nutella Twists

Apple Pie Bubble Up

What's on your "To Cook/Bake" list?


Tipsy Tuesday (#279)

It's September, football season is in full swing and the temperatures are only going to be in the 70's this week. Bring on fall, ya'll! Nothing screams fall to me like beautiful burlap wreaths. And Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous  has this awesome tip to help you cut burlap straight (I always struggle with this!)

Tip #279

"Snip the edge of the burlap and pull one single strand of burlap out. Then using scissors, cut along the line where the strand was removed and you will get a completely straight line! This will also help the burlap from shedding as much. "

I have a great fall arrangement for our front door, but I really want to make a ruffled burlap wreath like the one pictured for our side door. Has anybody made one? What's your favorite outdoor fall decor?



and not in a good way. I kept a slack blog schedule this summer to make the most of my time off with Elise. She is growing so fast and I don't want to miss a minute. I'm even more grateful for that time given the demands of my new position when I returned to work. I'm juggling about 400 more students and its taking every minute at the office and some evenings to get it all done. 

Needless to say, that evening work is cutting into my blogging time. Bear with me and hang tight! I'll be posting more regularly as soon as I feel a little more settled. I miss you guys...and home cooked meals, a clean house, mindless TV, down time....


Tipsy Tuesday (#278)

Because my new job is kicking my butt...

Tip #278

Simple steps to getting more done at work (and hopefully relieving some stress!) 

I could see these being helpful around the house, too. Infographic found here.


Tipsy Tuesday (#277)

Life is messy...erase it for less.

Tip #277

Did you know that you can get a ton of "magic erasers" for all of those messes for next to nothing?

I have been hitting up Budget 101 for lots of great tips (I love the Super Laundry Sauce recipe!), but this one blew my mind. Those pricey magic erasers are just plain old melamine foam. You can get 100 "erasers" for less than $10 on Amazon! Bring on the messes, Elise!


Golden Peach Cake

I have been so swamped with my new position at work that there has not been much baking going on around here as of late. I based my selection for the Cake Slice Baker's this month on the fact that I had everything required to make Golden Peach Cake, except the peaches...I took it to the new office and judging by the crumbs left on the plate, it was a hit. I must say that it smelled insanely good while it was baking. You can find the recipe in Carole Walter's Great Cakes.Be sure to check out the great cakes tha the rest of the bakers whipped up this month!


Tipsy Tuesday (#276)

Elise doesn't pack lunch for Pre School but I pack her lunch to eat as soon as she gets home and I am really hoping to expand my offerings this year.

Tip #276

Your kids will think that you are a rock star when you use these awesome lunch ideas (I wouldn't mind eating them myself!) from Rock the Lunchbox.

You can get coupons for top lunchbox brands like Annie's and Honest Kids here.


Cheddar Squash Biscuits

You know in the movie "Doc Hollywood," how Michael J. Fox gets paid with a pig? Well, in the summer church members pay us in produce. OK, we don't really work for veggies, but we sure do get a ton of fresh produce from the green thumbs in our congregation.

Some we freeze, some we can, others I try to sneak into bread and cake so that the Rev will eat it. He knew that squash was in these Yellow Squash Cheddar Biscuits so he wasn't having any of it, but they were really tasty. The squash is almost undetectable, but it makes the biscuits very moist. Elise hasn't figured out hidden veggies yet, so there is hope for at least one of them.....