Jam Packed Weekend!

This past weekend literally could not have held another single activity! Saturday was a whirlwind of stuff - family photos in the morning, a lunch time birthday party for Elise to attend, a quick nap to avoid a cranky toddler, and off to the Fall Festival at church. I was worn out...and that doesn't even cover all of the laundry and grocery shopping. Do you ever have weekends where you just need an extra day to rest because you have so much going on?

On a sidenote, this girl loves to play in the leaves!


Tipsy Tuesday (#285)

This is a horrible time of year to try to cut back on candy....

Tip #285

and then I realized how much exercise you have to do to counteract the sugar in some of my favorite Halloween treats and I'm thinking that I'd rather cut back...because I love M&M's but I don't know how to ride a bike!

What is your favorite Halloween treat?


A Fall Tradition: Our Pumpkin Patch Visit

Last year, Elise wasn't even walking when we started the tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch. This year she was able to walk and explore all of the "munkins" at her own pace. She picked a small one out and the Rev and I picked our own as well. They are displayed on our front porch right now and she thinks it is her own little "munkin patch." Now, to decorate!


DCB Recipe #44: Teriyaki Turkey Lettuce Wraps

We are working on getting healthy and limiting carb intake, so lettuce wraps are a perfect fit for us. We used ground turkey since it is less expensive than beef and better for you, but you could also easily substitute chicken breast (just adjust your cooking time to ensure that is cooked through). I think that next time I will add some water chestnuts, shredded carrots, and broccoli. You could also add some crushed red pepper to spice it up. Very quick and super yummy!
Teriyaki Turkey Lettuce Wraps
1lb. ground turkey
1 small can crushed pineapple
1/2 cup teriyaki sauce
Place turkey in DCB, cover, and microwave 5 minutes. Crumble.
Add pineapple, sauce, and any other cooked veggies that you want to add, and stir.
Microwave, covered, 2 minutes or until warmed through.
Serve with lettuce cups.


Tipsy Tuesday (#284)

I loathe having my picture taken,,,but we are having family photos/Elise's 2 year old photos/Christmas card photos taken on Saturday. And we can't show up naked....

Tip # 284

Use click it up a notch's tips for what to wear in family photos and get great results. 

A few tips to remember include coordinating colors not matching, limit patterns, and think classic (we will have to look at these for years, don't want them looking dated!).

And remember on photo day, if the kids go crazy and you feel fat, it could always be worse...see photo...



Dear Elise,

Tomorrow you will be 2 years old. It does not seem possible. This has been the most fun year! Here is what you are up to:

•Eating: WATERMELON! You love it and cannot get enough. You also really love beans,  cheese, rice, corn on the cob and peanuts. You call fruit snacks "princesses," since that is the picture on the box. You have also learned how to eat a whole apple, you can walk around with one forever! You like booster seats rather than high chairs and are pretty vocal about it.

•Sleeping: Preschool has helped secure a good afternoon nap on most days since you are worn out after you get home and eat your lunch. You adore books at bedtime and even pick a favorite each night to sleep with (they have replaced binkies, which you gave up at 21 months!). I always feel so bad turning out the lights since you settle down on your pillow with your covers and book and open it to "read" it.

•Wearing: You are in mostly 18-24 months clothing, with a few 2T mixed in. You want a bow at all times and are starting to get more vocal about what you like to wear.

•Talking: We are so going to be in trouble because you are a TALKER! Your grasp of words and ability to remember what something is after being told just once amazes me. Everywhere we go people are always amazed at how well you speak and how many words you know for your age. Probably one of my favorites is when you randomly announce to us, "I happy!" Your Daddy's favorite is when you run to him and say, "Tickle me!"

•What You Love: Music and dancing, Piper - she is your best friend, playdough, playing the "pi-no" (piano), bubbles, Minnie Mouse, being a mermaid in the bathtub, hiding in your tent, getting under the covers on our bed, Taco Tuesday, rocking yourself in the rocking chair, trips to the park, helping in the kitchen, coloring, stickers, tickle time with Daddy, watching videos and looking at pictures of yourself, ice cream, your friends at church, school, doughnuts, restaurant buttermints, eskimo kisses, and puzzles!

•What We Love: ALL OF YOU! You really are a good child for the most part, of course there is the occasional tantrum in there, usually when you are frustrated, but you are so sweet and loving. Your hugs and kisses are the best!

You are our most favorite girl!

Mommy (and Daddy!)



We had a church bake sale this past weekend and I was determined to go all no bake, since I am right in the middle of planning for Elise's birthday party this weekend.

I made this Sugar Cookie Chex Mix and these Avalanche Bars. I love peanut butter and white chocolate and these were so good, like a crispier rice krispy treat, since you don't actually melt the marshmallows.

Give them a try! What's on your fall "To Bake" (or no bake!) list?


Nope, This Is Not OK

This is driving me crazy! No, not the fact that Adult fleece is on sale for $15...or the fact that my browser knows my memory is worth nothing since squeezing out Elise and wants to help me remember my passwords. It is the use of the word "Nope." I mean it is just so slangish and it even takes 2 more letters to spell it, so what is the point? How am I supposed to break Elise from saying "Yep" if this is what the internet is going to teach her?

What is your grammar pet peeve?


Tipsy Tuesday (#283)

Ever just have days when you feel like you accomplish nothing?

Tip # 283

Try some of these tips from BuzzFeed to improve your productivity.

I'm going to start with the 2 minute rule. What about you? What makes you feel more productive?


"I Faking!"

Elise has learned the difference between real and fake. One of her favorite tricks is to pretend to cry or cough, or hiccup and then bust into a fit of giggles, proclaiming, "I faking!" Because it's Hump Day and you might need something to get you over, here are her fake hiccups. 



Tipsy Tuesday (#282)

Getting ready for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!

Tip #282

LifeHacker shares some great tips for picking and preserving your pumpkin.

For instance, "If possible, get pumpkins locally. Picking from the local pumpkin patch is ideal. The pumpkin grew right across town from you, it hasn't been transported or banged around in a semi-truck, and you carry it right home from the field. Barring that, local produce stands will have pumpkins grown at those farms but transported on your behalf."

So, are you a painter, carver, or a leave it like it is pumpkin person?

P.S. Look how little E was last year!


Is It All In My Head? Yes....and No

So, to catch you up to speed...on and off for the last 3 years, I have smelled smoke, but it's not really there. I've had more sinus infections than you can count and now 2 ear infections in less than 3 months. Finally a Dr. listened to me and decided this is not normal and maybe there is something real going on, it's not just all in my head.

I mentioned to you last Wednesday that she had me scheduled for a CT scan to see what we could find. They called me Thursday with the results and sure enough, I have a tumor on my sinuses. They believe based on the shape that it is benign, but we will go tomorrow to an ENT to discuss options and next steps.

My first thought was relief that they found something and I am not crazy - there have been many times in the last few years that the smell has really made me feel like I was going nuts. Of course, my second thought, was "Happy 10th Anniversary, you have a tumor!" (Also, is it possible to say tumor in a non-Arnold Schwarzenegger accent?)

My head has hurt constantly for the last 3 weeks and the pressure in my ears is insane, so I am really looking for relief and healing. We are going to some of the best doctors available and I feel confident that they will come up with the right plan for me, but if you are inclined to pray, we would certainly appreciate it. I'll keep you updated.


Tipsy Tuesday (#281)

Ugh, it is that time of year again...Inevitably, with the return to school and cooler weather comes sickness...we were just 1 week back to preschool and it struck at our house.

Tip #281

Take Clean Mama's advice and assemble a sick kit so that you don't have to hunt all over the house or dash to the store at the first sign of illness.

And don't miss her list of things to make sure that you clean when the kids (or anyone!) gets sick.


Blueberry Crumb Squares

Another month of baking with the Cake Slice Bakers is complete! I selected Blueberry Crumb Squares this month since I had all ingredients on hand, except for the canned blueberries. I baked them to take to my Book Club, and then nobody showed up, so I ended up taking them to work to share. They pretty much licked the pan clean! This was a very easy bake and was mixed by hand, so you don't even have to pull the mixer out! The recipe can be found in Carole Walter's Great Cakes.



Listening...to K-LOVE.

Eating...my morning apple (again)...boring.

Drinking...Diet Cherry Pepsi.


Wearing...black crop pants, aqua T, multi-colored scarf, Sanuk yoga mat flip flops (I almost want to cry when I realize that flip flop weather will be over soon!)

Feeling...tired and anxious. I'm having a CT scan today to try and figure out why I keep getting sinus infections and why I still smell smoke.

Needing...the antibiotic prescribed for said sinus infection to kick in...9 doses in and still no relief from the insane pain and pressure in my head.

Wanting...to get a new dining table...I think I have the Rev talked into one...cross your fingers.

Thinking...that I need to check off some of the things on my birthday party planning list for Elise. Invitations going out this week!

Enjoying...Elise's sense of humor! She has learned how to fake cry and hiccup and it is absolutely hilarious. She does it and then looks at you and giggles and says "I faking!"