What's Up This Weekend?

Here's what's up this weekend at our house:
  • Family Movie Night at church on Saturday. I have some fun crafts and snacks planned for the kiddos!
  • We will have a mini Super Bowl party on Sunday. Just the 3 of us and some goodies!
  • Valentine movies on the Hallmark channel!
  • Elise and I will put together her class Valentines and work on something for the grandparents.
  • And I'll finish planning for the class Valentine party that I will be helping with next week.
  • And no weekend would be complete without grocery shopping and laundry...
What are your plans this weekend?


Tipsy Tuesday (#345)

My hometown Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl this weekend and while I don't particularly follow the NFL (unless I am playing a Fantasy team), I am proud of our little state and this big deal. Of course, we will celebrate the Panthers and the commercials with a small party of some sort.

Tip #345

And since we never have chip clips handy, if there are any leftover chips, we will use this tip to close our bag.

You are welcome.

What are your Super Bowl plans and who are you rooting for?


Elise's Big Girl Room: The Vision

So, I have a confession...my 3 year old still sleeps in a crib...partly because it took me a lot of Craigslist scouring to find the antique bed that I wanted and partly (OK, mostly) because she is going to be my only baby and I want to keep her that way...#truth

Here is the plan for her big girl room:
  • The antique spindle bed ($65 Craigslist score!) will be painted a nice white.
  • The mid century modern night stand and chest of drawers that we have will get a gold dipped/white paint treatment (white upper, gold lower, similar to the pink chest pictured).
  • The now beige walls are going Aqua Chiffon.
  • The fluffy pink rug that we have will stay and be an anchor for the pink and aqua pillows that I will make. I am using vintage white matelassé bedding so that the pillows and wall/rug colors will really pop.
  • A DIY tassel garland will add some fun to the end of the bed.
  • We will add touches of pink, aqua, and gold with accessories and artwork.
I know that it will be beautiful and that my girl is so excited for blue walls ("blue is my favorite," she reminds on a daily basis), but I sure am going to miss the mornings when she yells out, "I need someone to get me out!"

Don't even get me started on the tears that will come when we actually sell the crib and changing table...


Tipsy Tuesday (#344)

We are getting ready to paint Elise's room - partly because we are apparently gluttons for punishment and partly because it has always been the same beige as the rest of the house and we keep getting reminded that "blue is her favorite."

Tip #344

The beige in our house is actually called "Sautéed Mushroom," which I can remember, but I have been trying to recall the color in our bedroom, it is a sort of blue, and I can't.

So, I love this tip from LifeHacker about where to record your paint colors.

"When you finish painting a room, touch-ups are usually the last thing on your mind. But it's a good idea to write the paint name and product number on painter's tape and stick the label to the back of the room's light switch plate."

Easy enough! Do you like to paint or loathe it like we do?


Long Weekend Love

We played in a snow shower,

made Cinnamon Sugar Snowflakes,
ate crazy Noodle Hot Dogs,

bowled with friends, and had a Tea Party marathon with Minnie.

No luck getting Scarlett to drink tea, though....

I love long weekends!


Tipsy Tuesday (#343)

It was 13 degrees this morning when we headed out the door for work and school...

Tip #343

and while my first thought is bundling Elise up, we are learning that a heavy winter coat in a car seat is a danger. According to this article from the Huffington Post, "In a collision (while wearing a coat in a car seat), the harness isn’t as close to your child’s body as it needs to be to allow it to properly restrain them."

You can see a crash test video here that demonstrates the potential danger when wearing a coat in the car seat.

We have a warm Minnie Mouse blanket that we will be adding to the car to cover Elise up with and I think that she will think that the suggestion of putting the coat on backwards, once the child is buckled in, will be so silly that she will think it is wonderful!

Please stay warm and safe this winter!


What's Up This Weekend?

Here's what's up this weekend at our house:
  • The Rev and I are taking Ballroom dance lessons this month as a part of the Rev's sermon emphasis to our church on dating your spouse. 2nd lesson tonight - it is actually quite fun!.
  • And church activity for Elise tomorrow night means 2 date nights this weekend!
  • Long weekend!
  • Elise has been missing the decorations since Christmas was packed away so we are going to work on making and adding some winter decorations around the house.
  • And she and I are going to do some Mommy & Me cooking, too! She loves to be in the kitchen and I found a few recipes that she can do most of the work for. I think that she will love it.
  • Plans for Elise's big girl room are in full swing in my head. I'll share that with you soon.
  • And maybe this will be the weekend that I finally get through all of the Hallmark Christmas movies that I still have left on DVR. Valentine movies will be coming soon!
What are your plans this weekend?


Tipsy Tuesday (#342)

Are you in full on declutter for the new year mode like me?

Tip #342

REALTORMag shares an article with these great tips for organizing your home in the new year.

Here are a few tips from Julie Morgenstern, an organization and time-management expert.
  1. Start Small: “Pick one or two of the smallest areas you spend the most time in and tackle those first,” Morgenstern advises. For instance, choose your sock drawer, medicine cabinet, refrigerator, or front closet. You can finish those projects quickly and they may inspire you to tackle something bigger next.
  2. Be Realistic: She says reorganizing several rooms in one day is not going to happen. You will likely feel overwhelmed as you work, won’t accomplish it all, and then feel defeated when you don’t finish. Pick one or two things you know you can complete in one day, and don’t expect to do more than that.
  3. Work Logically: “Store things where they’re used, not where they fit…In the kitchen for example, group all food-prep items together,” says Morgenstern. If you group things by purpose, it will be easy to find everything you need when working on any one project. Primarily, though, organize based on your habits, goals, and the way you think. This will maximize your satisfaction at the end of the day.
  4. Inspire Yourself: Envision the way your life will be different when your work is done. Perhaps you will be on time to events once you can find things easily in your closet, perhaps you will cook more at home when your kitchen is in working order, or perhaps you will find joy in locating the CD or DVD you are looking for in just moments. Morgenstern adds, “Don’t think of it as making room for more stuff. It’s about making room for new relationships or peace of mind or new experiences.”
I have been toying with the idea of reading this book, since I see so many talking about the Konmari method of organization. Has anyone given it a try?


Back At It...

Two weeks of days with Elise, travel, Christmas and New Year's excitement, more food than anyone should consume, Netflix binge watching (have you seen Making a Murderer? Thoughts? We finished that and have moved on to Parenthood) and staying up till all hours...came to a halt on Tuesday when break was over and it was time to get back at it. I figure it will take us through the middle of next week to really feel like we are back in our regularly scheduled groove.

Christmas stuff is all put away, we are back to our healthy eating and workout goals (as well as weekly weigh ins!), and I feel a January purge-all-the-things and end-all-the-clutter binge coming on! I don't really set resolutions, since I fail miserably at them, but some home organization is definitely in order.

What is on your New Year To Do list?


Tipsy Tuesday (#341)

I am a planner and a list maker by nature...

Tip #341

So, I love this list of times of year to buy items on sale from Lifehacker. If you plan your spending, you can rack up some big savings.

I'm stalking a new shelf for Elise's room, so I'm keeping my eye out for a January furniture deal. What's on your "To Buy" list?


Tipsy Tuesday (#340)

In case you have presents left to wrap...

Tip #340

and you had no clue that you were doing it all wrong. This video will blow your mind and teach you a new wrapping technique.

So, are you a wrapper or a bagger?


Great Gifts from the Target Dollar Spot

My love for Target is well documented and the Dollar Spot there sure did come through this year for cute, affordable Christmas gifts!

These cute car books (only $1) will go to the boys in Elise's Sunday School class.

And this spray chalk, which can be used on sidewalks or on snow (again only $1 each), is what she is giving to her preschool classmates.

These super cute mini Pillow Pets Dream Lites were on clearance ($1.48 each) and will make the girls in her Sunday School class super happy!

I snagged one of these Stackable Crayons to go in Elise's stocking, but you could pair it with a coloring book (they have those in the Dollar Spot, too!) for an inexpensive gift for a little one.

P.S. Target paid me nothing for this little gem of a love-fest, but if they want to, I am totally open and will take payment in Target gift cards!


Tipsy Tuesday (#339)

I am not a cat person and even less so when I keep seeing all of my friends on Instagram whose cats have terrorized their Christmas tree!

Tip #339

I Heart Dogs.com shares a few tips to keep your furry friends safe this season.

Has your pet ever created a Christmas disaster?

Also, it makes me laugh a bit to see tinsel mentioned in this article, I was pretty sure that my Mom was the only person left who still used it, but maybe not...


When It Hits...

Am I the only one who thinks that I have a really good handle on all of the Christmas stuff only to get to 2 weeks out and have the huge panic hit? I keep adding to the To Do and the To Buy list, if it weren't for Amazon Prime, I would seriously be going nuts! I am further along than normal, but it just always seems like next week is the busiest week, trying to get work, church, and school gifts bought, wrapped, passed out before I leave work and Elise finishes school on Friday. I know it will all get done and I just need to take a deep breath, but man it is a nightmare for us list makers and check it off-ers! Don't even remind me that I still have Christmas cards to address...

On a side note - Elise has a Christmas Countdown Calendar again this year and it has been so awesome to watch her sheer joy at opening her drawer for that day and finding a sweet treat or a fun activity to do. We are making Christmas ornaments and seeing the lights this weekend, so we will leave all of the stress behind and focus on fun as a family...that is what really matters anyway.

Second side note - Anybody have a great under $15 gift (not food or bath stuff) for co-workers who are friends but not really hang out friends, just work friends?