Dear Elise,

You have 1 month in the books as a 4 year old! It does not seem possible. You are definitely your own person and we see a bit more every day of who you are growing to be. Here is what you are up to:

•Vitals: You are 41 1/2 inches tall and weigh 34.4lbs.

•Eating: You are still a nibbler and love to graze all day long. You inherited your sweet tooth from your Mom for sure. And your love for condiments comes straight from your Dad...I am mortified when you both drink out of your condiment cups in public...

•Sleeping: You take an afternoon nap and are down for bed by 8. It takes you forever to fall asleep. Your excuse is always that you have to "teach a class" to all of the baby dolls that share your bed. We have been doing some kid's bedtime yoga and that helps calm you some. You are becoming less and less afraid of the dark.

•Wearing: Sadly, we are not shopping much in the Toddler section anymore and have moved to the Girl's section since a size 4 is longer than a 4T and my tall, slim girl needs all of the extra length that she can get. You have a Super Hero T-shirt collection that you love to rotate through. A dress' worthiness is still judged by it's twirl factor!

•Talking: ALL. DAY.LONG. and even in your sleep. Dr. Pontzer has warned us that you are very smart and ahead for your age and that Mom and Dad are going to have to work overtime to keep up with you...don't we know it!

•What You Love: Anything crafty, going to school and church, your friends - you and Piper are in different classes this year, so your friendship with Glory-Maeve is getting stronger, dancing, treats, Smokehouse, cooking and baking, Scarlett, parties, Snow White is a recent favorite, cutting with scissors, surprises of any kind, being silly, tattoos, bouncy houses, running, and superheroes. You are playing Little Dribblers basketball and taking clogging lessons.

•What We Love: ALL OF YOU! Even the tantrums. You freely offer "I Love You's" all day and that is the best! You are our most favorite girl!

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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