Tipsy Tuesday (#375)

I use my smartphone for pretty much everything. In fact, I often forget my real camera and have to rely on my phone.

Tip #375

One Good Thing by Jillee has a great list of 49 ways that you can use your phone's camera and they are brilliant - some I already put into practice, others I wish I had thought of. Here are a few that I already use:

  • If you keep a dry erase or chalk board in the kitchen to write down stuff you are out of, instead of transcribing the list to take to the store, simply snap a photo of it!
  • When grocery shopping for a recipe, snap a photo of the ingredients list before you leave the house for easy access.
  • When walking through the bookstore, take photos of books you may want to check out from the library.
  • Keep a photo of the ever-changing monthly class schedule at your local spa, gym, recreation center, etc.
  • Take pictures of tags on clothing, bar codes, product info etc. You can often find the exact same thing online for a cheaper price.
Be sure to check out the complete list. How do you use your phone's camera?

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