Chocolate Chip Hummus (or How To Get Protein in Your Picky Kid)

I've mentioned before that Elise pretty much avoids meat - occasionally a hot dog or chicken nugget, maybe some ham or bacon - but for the most part we have to look for other ways to get protein in her. We are fortunate that she likes eggs, cheese, yogurt, and almonds, but that can get boring for a kid.

This Chocolate Chip Hummus is her favorite - she will eat it with apples or just by the spoonful. And she loves to help me make it! Do not read the recipe and turn your nose up at the beans in it, I promise that you cannot taste them at all. They combine with the almond butter and oats for a great protein packed snack or breakfast. In my opinion it tastes just like chocolate chip cookie dough, with no raw egg worries (though let's be honest if you could really die from eating raw cookie dough, the Rev would be long gone!).

I like to eat it warmed just a little so the chocolate gets melty! Let me know if you try it!

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