Elise - 18 Months

Dear Elise,

Today you are 18 months old. You learn something new every day! Here is what you are up to:

•Eating: Most days, you will eat just about anything, you have a real love for broccoli and corn on the cob. You still aren't much of a beef eater, but you have 9 teeth now, including 2 molars, so that may change as you can chew better. You are learning to eat with a spoon and fork and to drink from regular cups. I'm not sure when or where but you have learned what a cookie is, in fact you think anything sweet is a cookie. You start a "cookie" chant any time you see one. We really work to limit sugar and you don't drink juice for that reason.

•Sleeping: You are all over the place when it comes to sleep, you usually take a mid day nap and sleep through the night, but we've had a few rounds of teething and croup, which led to some sleepless nights. You've learned to say "the end" when we finish our bedtime stories and tell us "night night."

•Wearing: You are in mostly 12-18 months clothing, with a few 18 months mixed in. You have taken to wearing any clothing left on the floor on your head, you think that you are hiding!

•Walking: YES! And running, too! You love to take walks on the driveway and collect little flowers and rocks. You aren't much of a climber yet and I am not complaining!

•Talking: You have added too many new words to count. You are a jibber jabberer. You have really begun to master second syllables in the last few weeks. You can pronounce Scarlett plain as day now. You can also make sounds for most animals. You call us "Mama" and "Dado" all of the time now....not just when you want something!

•What You Love: Music and dancing, drinking from a big cup or water bottle, finding things in the yard, playing ball, bubbles, running naked before bathtime, hiding in your tent, rocking yourself in the rocking chair, trips to the park, helping in the kitchen, sidewalk chalk, squeaky shoes, talking on the phone (when you hear any phone ring, you put your hand to your ear and say "Hello"), playing with your babies, bouncing on the bed and bird watching with Daddy.

•What We Love: ALL OF YOU! You always find the most sour looking person when we are out and about and you wave and say "Hey" to them until they finally crack and smile and say it back. I hope you always have that spirit of bringing joy to others!

You are our most favorite girl!

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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Sarah Shumate said...

She is such a sweetheart, Stacie! I love that she tries to make everyone around her smile. She's got such a good heart!