Easter Treats

Just a quick post to share a few super simple Easter treats that you can give to neighbors, family, and friends. I love printables for holidays, they make it so easy to add the cute factor to a treat. Up first is a little something that we gave to Elise's preschool teachers and a few of my office co-workers. All you need is this printable and M&M's (I used individual packages, but you could easily buy in bulk and put in snack baggies).

And for my office helpers, I gave Little Debbie Easter cakes with this printable attached. It took just minutes to add the tags to a dozen treats with a little washi tape.

And finally, had to share these cool eggs that I found at WalMart with you. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and you can dye them! They feel kind of like a hollow wooden egg, very lightweight. They are going to be perfect for the little hands at my house that would probably crack a real egg and I love that we can save and reuse them and grow her collection every year. This Mom has done all of the legwork to give you the tips and tricks to dyeing these eggs. How awesome would your neighbor kids think that you were if you left a dozen of these eggs and some fun dye kits on their doorstep?

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Jill said...

Such great ideas! These might come in handy, since I've been thinking I should be giving away a lot of the candy I bought for myself... clearly, the no sugar thing is starting to effect my brain, because I really went over-board buying treats for myself! haha!