I {Heart} My Mother's Day Journal!

I'm about to make a confession that will strike fear in the hearts of Hallmark executives everywhere...I don't save cards...I love getting them and I admire people like my MeeMaw, who held onto every card that we ever gave her, but it's just not my thing. This nearly started WWIII in our home a few years ago when the Rev realized that his $5 cards were landing in the landfill.

When I saw this on Facebook, I knew it was perfect for me. The idea is that you get a pretty journal and allow your kids and husband to write messages, color pictures, and add photos to it each year in lieu of cards. All of my Mother's Day memories bound in one place....I love it! I asked and The Rev and sweet Elise delivered. I'm working to add last year's cards and photos of what E looked like this time last year. I love the idea of looking back every year to see how she's changed and to watch our relationship grow. I can't wait until she can write her own notes to me. I {heart} my Mother's Day Journal!


Nirupama said...

What a sweet idea! I love personal thoughts more than store bought cards too!

Sarah Shumate said...

This is a fantastic idea! I don't save cards either, unless they're the handmade kind. Who has room for stuff like that? But this, this would be perfect. Too bad we didn't think of doing it sooner. 12 years old seems a bit late to start.

Mrs. Match said...

Best idea EVER! I am not a card saver either, unless there's a really sentimental inscription, and then I'm always frustrated because I don't know where to store it. I love the idea of a book, instead of a card that gets put in a forgotten shoe box. Definitely doing this in the future!