Tipsy Tuesday (#265)

An active toddler means that we head to the playground after dinner to run off some energy.

Tip #265

Be sure to follow basic playground safety rules to ensure a fun experience for everyone.

Mommy's Memorandum has a great list of things to remember, including dressing your child appropriately (no flip flops or untied shoes on the equipment), always supervising closely, conducting a thorough inspection of the area, and a few others. Be sure to check it out!

Now for kicks and giggles, what is your child's favorite (or even your childhood favorite!) game to play outside?

P.S. Dear Parent with the potty mouth on the playground...you are not cool...

1 comment:

Mrs. Match said...

Ugh, nothing worse than a trashy parent who swears.
Piglet LOVES the swing. As in, full on squeals of joy and giggles when he's swinging. Cutest thing ever!
I'm absolutely terrible about sunscreen. I know, I know. I need to be better about it. I'd really just prefer Piglet wear a hat, but he takes it off and slams it on the ground first chance he gets.