Elise's Countdown to Christmas

While we don't "do" Santa or Elf on the Shelf, we still do plenty of things to make the Christmas season magical for Elise. This year, I made a Christmas Countdown calendar full of little treats and fun activities that we can do each day (its just some simple little numbered cups hot glued to a wrapped piece of foam board). She loves opening one each day and waiting for us to read what her fun is for that day.

Here is what we have included on our list:
  1. Sweet treat (Christmas candy bracelet)
  2. Give money to the Salvation Army bell ringer
  3. Go find a Minnie Mouse surprise in your room (Ornament)
  4. Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and have cocoa with marshmallows
  5. Make a cereal garland and decorate an outside tree for the birds
  6. Go see a Christmas parade
  7. Go see the Christmas lights at Tanglewood
  8. Wear a new Christmas necklace to a party
  9. Buy a toy for a child in need
  10. Sing Christmas carols at the nursing homes
  11. Sweet treat (Christmas Jelly Beans)
  12. Wear Pajamas to school and visit with Santa
  13. Decorate the windows with Christmas clings
  14. Hear Mimi sing in Handel's "Messiah"
  15. Make gifts for church and preschool friends (Play-doh Tree Kits)
  16. Take a Christmas fun bath (Red balloons and green glow sticks)
  17. Sweet treat (M&M's)
  18. Make wrapping paper with paint and cookie cutters
  19. Treat (Fuzzy Christmas socks)
  20. Play with your new Cheerios Christmas Play Book
  21. Go see a Christmas play
  22. Celebrate Christmas with MaMaw and PaPaw
  23. Decorate a sugar cookie house
  24. Open your Christmas Eve box (Christmas pajamas and a Christmas book)
  25. It's Christmas!


Jill said...

Sounds like Elise has been having lots of fun this month! I want someone to make one of these for me!! ;)

Sarah Shumate said...

Wow, Stacie! This is the coolest Christmas to-do list I've seen yet. Elise is going to have so much fun! I kind of miss having time to do little things like this with Lex. She's so busy with school and homework that our only times to do Christmasy things are on the weekends!