Tipsy Tuesday (#291)

Scrooge Confession...I loathe wrapping presents.

Tip #291

Check out these 23 Tricks to Take the Stress Out of Wrapping Gifts to simplify the gift wrapping chore this year.

Now for fun...I am normally a coordinated wrapping paper kind of gal...The Rev always complains about not having "fun" paper. This year, I let Elise pick her own paper and pick some for her Daddy, so we have Minnie Mouse and Batman under the tree. What kind of paper person are you?

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Sarah Shumate said...

I think I'm a gift bag kind of person. :) Kidding...we have all kinds of paper. Or, I guess I should say HAD. We left it all behind in Tennessee, so now I just have one roll of silver paper because it works for everything - Christmas, birthdays, wedding gifts. Easy peasy, but definitely boring!