Mother's Day Journal 2015

Last year, the Rev and Elise started my Mother's Day journal, an alternative to cards, which I don't like to save or waste money on. Elise can draw in it for me and the Rev includes a few pics from the year. I love having it to look through and look forward to filling it up as the years go. Elise painted me a little pot and made a framed picture and painting that are all decorating my office. The Rev rounded it out with a beautiful vase of forced tulips. 

Add in dinner and free Sweet Frog with the amazing little girl who made me a Mama and it was a great Mother's Day weekend.

But my absolute favorite part of the weekend? This conversation that I documented in my journal. 

I sure do love these 2!

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Emmy said...

Awe love it!! That is such an awesome idea with the journal. What a treasure. Glad you had a great mother's day!