21 Day Fix: Round 2 Done!

Last Monday, I finished my second round of 21 Day Fix and I thought that I would give you a little update on my progress.

Weight Lost: This round: 4lbs. Total: 12lbs. (Though if I go by the scales at the Dr. office instead of the ones at the Y, it is actually 22lbs. lost - not sure how they can be so different, so I'm sticking with the Y since that is where I weigh most often.)

Inches Lost: I still need to take some measurements, but my pants fit differently for sure.

Exercise: I exercised almost every day of the round. I still really enjoy the DVD's, though if I live to be 100, I doubt that I will ever be flexible enough for Pilates or Yoga! I'm trying to walk at least 2 miles 2 mornings of the week before work and the Rev is turning me into a Body Pump junkie at the Y. I enjoy taking that with him on Saturday mornings. I am getting a FitBit for my birthday (it's today!), so I will be kicking the walking and working out into overdrive, since I will be able to set goals and track them - ya'll know if I put it on a list, it has to get checked off!

Food: I am still tracking calories (1,500 per day) using My Fitness Pal, but it is time to go clean and use the 21 Day Fix containers...wish me luck!

Water: I'm up to 5 water bottles (15 - 8oz servings) a day!

On to Round 3!


Ann W said...

I am on Day 4 of Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix and I love it! I have not made it to Pilates or Yoga yet - i think one of those is tonight! AH
Can't wait for round 2!!
I am following you - you can follow me at http://annstersdomain.blogspot.com
We can compare our beach pics after our hard work is over!!!

Emmy said...

Good for you! I really need to get serious about doing something as I just continue to creep up the scale a little more. And happy Birthday!!