A Real Snow Day!

So you may remember me whining here about our lack of snow this winter. Well, we made up for it yesterday. It snowed off and on for a good part of the day, and started to snow really heavy around 11 last night...and look what we woke up to today!

Now, I know it isn't much, we could build an anorexic snowman at best, but it was enough to get a snow day off from work! We got to slush around and drive through snow puddles and try to hit ice chunks. It was a good day for all, except poor little Scarlett who is not amused at trying to do her business in the frozen tundra.

Did you get snow? Wherever you are, keep warm!

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Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi there Stacie!
Thanks for stopping by Carolina Panache! It is a pleasure to meet you! We got blasted with snow and icy cold air too! My kids are lovin' it. I was a country girl who had to learn to survive in the city! HA,HA! Now I'm back in the country of NC - yeah me! Well stay warm and I'll see ya soon.