Snow Day...um, not really...

So, schools here are closed today because our county is huge and apparently it is snowing somewhere here, but alas, there is still not a snowflake in sight at my house.

This would of course be an easier pill to swallow, if it wasn't snowing back in the big city. When we moved here, closer to the mountains, everybody said how lucky we would be to get to see more snow.

This year, my 2 big cities have practically experienced an avalanche of snow, compared to the few flakes that we have seen. So for today, I will look at pictures of Scarlett playing in her first snow last year when she was still just a pup, remember the snow day tradition that the hubby and I started in the big city--lunch out at Olive Garden with the Rev (that's code for Mike, except you all know my husband's name is Mike 'cause it says it in my profile, but he wanted a code name) trying to hit every ice and snow mound with the car on the way, and dream....

Also, to the radio station that was playing "White Christmas" when I was on the way into work...I am NOT amused!

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