Top 10 Reasons We Love Lil' Miss Wilkes!

So, it's Valentine's week, the week of LOVE (and here you men thought it was just a 1 day celebration!) and the world of advertisers tend to forget all about our single friends. So in honor of one of my bestest friends, who we have affectionately dubbed Lil' Miss Wilkes ('cause she knows everything about our county), who is patiently (OK, not really patiently..) waiting on Mr. Right, a little Valentine's love...

Top 10 Reasons We Love Lil' Miss Wilkes:

10. She always has plenty of Ferrero Rocher stashed in her desk.

9. She never gets tired of The Brushy Mountain Smokehouse. Chicken Bites anyone?

8. She is an award winner, like myself.

7. She waits until a traffic light can't get any more yellow, before sweetly saying "We're going!" and running said traffic light.

6. She finishes my sentences in exactly the same way that I would!

5. She is NEVER at a loss for a song appropriate for the situation.

4. She can totally keep up with me at the mall, Target, Kohls...

3. She lets me spend as much time as I want at the craft store when we go to the big city.

2. She is a great exercise buddy.

1. She will do anything for you if you are her true friend.

Now, shameless plug, all you single 25-30ish single males, looking for a good friend, great cook, sweet, loyal listener, and an all around fun loving girl, I'm taking applications on Lil' Miss Wilkes behalf..

We love you, Lil' Miss Wilkes! Happy Valentine's Day!

(Pictured above- Me, Lil' Miss Wilkes, and Mother Hen at last summer's Beach Boys concert)

(and the Rev)

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