Tipsy Tuesday (#3)

So, I guess the clock picture kind of gives it away..today's tip is a time saver...well, maybe not a time saver, but a way to use your time more efficiently.

Tip #3

Begin setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual and use that 15 minutes to complete a task that would usually be left to the end of the day when you are likely to be more tired and thus, less likely to want to complete said task.

Many mornings, I use the extra time to fold a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, organize bills to be paid, lay out an outfit for the next day, etc..You'll be surprised at how taking care of some of those little things in the AM will make you feel like you can relax when you get home in the evenings.

And if you are feeling particularly industrious, you can use the links below to find out how you can spot clean any room in your house in just 15 minutes!

15 Minute Living Room Cleanup

15 Minute Kitchen Cleanup

15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup

15 Minute Bedroom Cleanup

15 Minute Kid's Room Cleanup

1 comment:

Mandi said...

What a good tip! I follow the Fly Lady and have come to find/believe that you can get A LOT done in 15 mins.