Tipsy Tuesday (#303)

Maybe I don't have to teach Elise to sit like a little lady after all...

Tip # 303

Avoid sitting with your legs crossed for extended periods of time.

From ABC News, "Sitting with legs crossed at the knee can bump up blood pressure, according to a study published in Blood Pressure Monitoring. Leg crossing increased systolic blood pressure nearly 7 percent and diastolic by 2 percent."

"Frequent crossing of the legs also puts stress on the hip joints and can cause pooling of blood in the legs when the veins are compressed," says Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, FACC, a Connecticut-based cardiologist and author of The Great Cholesterol Myth. "This could predispose you to inflammation of the veins of the lower legs and possibly a blood clot."
Dr. Sinatra says to avoid crossing your legs for longer than 10 to 15 minutes, and to get up and walk around every half hour or so.

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