Tipsy Tuesday (#301)

Because I do actually read labels and look at portions...

Tip #301

but a visual is much easier for me to use as a tool when keeping healthy portion sizes in mind.

This infographic from Skinny Mom is a great meal planning aid to keep me on track. I'm often surprised at the way products are packaged and how the portions actually break down - did you know that a package of PopTarts is 2 servings? Or that most "single-size" bags of chips are actually more than one serving? It can be eye opening to look at labels.

Are any of these portion sizes a surprise to you?


Sarah Shumate said...

This is really helpful! I'm not very good at judging portion sizes at all, except when it's salad. Then I definitely go under the fist-size allotment. Yay me! ;)

Amanda Masters said...

I'm always shocked by recommended portion size, breakfast cereal especially, here in the UK a serving is about 40g which is crazy small!