The Things You Say

Dear Elise,

At 28 months (yes, I still count your age in months), you are quite the chatterbox, with a rather impressive vocabulary. I wanted to jot down some of the favorite funny things that you say so that we will remember them. Here are just a few:

• "Two treats": When you get something special, you want one in each hand!

• "It's Taco Tuesday!": The only day of the week that you know consistently, besides church days. All we have to ask is guess what day it is and you answer with...

• "Cold water, fresh milk": You know how you like your drinks...if we hand you a cup, your first question -  is it cold water or is it fresh milk?

• "Muddle Puddles": You have discovered Peppa Pig and she loves muddy puddles which you call muddle puddles.

• "Not today": You know that you aren't allowed to tell us "No," this is your sneaky work around, when asked to do something that you don't want to do you will reply, "Not today."

• "Next Christmas": You fell in love with candy canes, you talk about them all of the time and remind me that you will get some more next Christmas...

• "Fuzzies": Not much gets between you and your fuzzy socks!

• "Honey Bunners": We have Star Wars cups and your Daddy has been teaching you all of the characters on them, one is a bounty hunter, or as you call him, a honey bunner....

• "That's crazy": Daddy tried to explain that grandparents are our parents, your response..."that's crazy!"

• "You Miss Me? I Miss You.": This is my favorite, of course. You meet me at the door when I come home from work to tell me that you missed me. And when we wake you from nap or in the morning, you tell us that you missed us.

Oh, how we love you and the things you say.

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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Sarah Shumate said...

Oh, this is precious! She's such a sweetheart! I love it when they're little and say things like muddle puddles. I almost didn't want Lex to learn how to say everything correctly because it was just so cute when she'd mispronounce things!