Tipsy Tuesday (#302)

I'm ready to start some fun Easter activities with Elise!

Tip #302

But I'm not a fan of the messes, so this Easter egg dyeing tip is pure genius!

From Lifehack, "Place each of the boiled eggs into the whisk being careful not to break any of the outer shell. Once this is done, you can dip it in any color that you want. Food coloring usually stains your fingers, but the whisk prevents you from putting your hands in the dye. Now you can enjoy your Easter without the trouble of the cleanup!"


Jill said...

You know, I've never dyed Easter Eggs. Seems to be an activity that just never happened during my childhood, and I never think of doing now. Like the idea of doing it with less mess! Enjoy crafting with your sweet girl!!

Jill said...
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Emmy said...

Oh that is a good idea, though seems like it might wreck the whisk a little getting it in.. have to get a cheap one from the dollar store I guess.