Tipsy Tuesday (#300)

Trying to keep a 2 year old occupied during a week 's worth of snow days requires all sorts of creativity...

Tip #300

When it's too cold to play outside, get creative and bring the outside in.

We loaded up a plastic bin with snow, gave Elise some watered down paint (you could just as easily use food coloring in water), a paint brush and let her snow paint. It kept her occupied for quite a while and she didn't feel like she was missing out on the snow fun.

What is your favorite rainy/snow day activity? We've got another storm front heading our way, so we're looking to arm ourselves against boredom!

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Jill said...

Ah, snow days... they were my favourite when I was a kid. Still are, actually. I loved getting to stay home and watch TV and movies, having macaroni for lunch, going out to slide, having hot chocolate... they were special days!