Listening...to Telecast...its my mellow morning music choice.

Eating...my morning apple....boring.

Drinking...Diet Cherry Pepsi - insert singing birds here.


Wearing...jeans, burgundy 3/4 sleeve sweater, brown flats - have I ever told you that I love 3/4 sleeves? Summer, spring, winter, fall, I love them.

Feeling...a little irritated with all of the people that use the desk at my 1st office (I split duties between 2 schools) when I am not here. They move my stuff and gross up my phone.

Needing...to find a cute Easter basket (or some other container) for Elise, something that will hold what I want and be reusable for the next few years. Any suggestions?

Wanting...time to speed up so that it will be Spring Break (3 more weeks!) and then slow down so that it lasts forever!

Thinking...that I need to get in one more practice dress before I cut the expensive fabric that will become Elise's Easter dress..

Enjoying...my little girl, she is becoming such a little character, with her own personality emerging. Her newest phrase is "You OK?" - this is accompanied by a pat on your cheek or her cheek if she can't get to you. She uses it if you cough or sneeze and it is adorable.


Kristen said...

I got Luke's from Pottery Barn Kids last year and it will work great for the next few years.

KatiePerk said...

Can't wait to see her Easter dress.

Sarah Shumate said...

That is so stinkin' cute about Elise - what a sweetheart!!

Ewww, I would hate having other people use my desk. Big issues there.

Emmy said...

Sounds like your spring break will actually line up with Easter, we just finished ours. Growing up we had what started off as a plane basket but then my mom would attach a big styrofoam head to one side, with strofoam ears, and then feet on the other end to make it look like a bunny. It had goggly eyes, pink nose, whiskers, the works and we used those every year and had them my entire childhood.