Tipsy Tuesday (#257)

Trying to avoid some of these fashion don'ts since there is a big birthday approaching...

Tip #257

Don't let the way that you dress age you.

According to All You magazine, the following fashion mistakes can age us:

Wearing too much black
Choosing the wrong bra
Wearing turtlenecks
Baggy clothes
Matching your accessories

I'll 'fess up first, I've been guilty of all of these at least once in the last year. How about you?


Sarah Shumate said...

Wearing turtlenecks - ick! I used to hate when my mom made me wear those to school. :)

Emmy said...

Wrong bra yep, don't know if I ever have worn a turtle neck in my life.. well maybe when I was little and my mom dressed me, and I don't usually wear enough jewelry for it to match, but definitely all good tips to know