A Big Ol' Box of Balloons!

I needed birthday presents for two of Team Jacie's boys...but they have everything and I didn't want to lose cool points by giving a 4 year old and a 6 year old clothes or boring money in a card. It had to be fun!

Thank you, Pinterest! I had filed away this idea and decided to use it. I decorated 2 big boxes (mine were 68 cents each at WalMart, but if you plan well you could get these free), then stuffed $1 bills, a $5 bill, some candy, even a few party blowers in the balloons, blew them up, and stuffed them in the box. I was able to fit about 9 balloons in each box. Then I attached this poem that I made up to the box top:

Hope your birthday is great,
And the fun doesn't stop.
Want to know what we got you?
Open the box and POP!

I added a P.S. that this might help and taped a toothpick to the note.

I was not disappointed, the boys loved them! If you have kids, they could help you decorate the boxes with paint, markers, stickers. And bonus, you could even mail this since the balloons would be very lightweight. This might become a go-to gift for me!


KatiePerk said...

I am so doing this.

Connie Weiss said...

What an awesome idea!!!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

This is such a cute idea!!!I love it!! Good one!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Whoa! Awesome idea!! What kid doesn't like popping balloons! Especially if they've got money inside of them! Wayyyy creative, Stacie!

Emily said...