Tipsy Tuesday (#236)

It's never too early to start planning for Christmas...

Tip #236

Use this Handmade Holiday Organizer from Giver's Log to plan and organize all of your Christmas ideas week by week.

With reminders about how to organize your shopping lists, when to make cookie dough and freeze, and when to get those cards in the mail, it helps simplify the madness. Doing a little each week now through December 25th is bound to make the season less stressful and more enjoyable!


Sarah Shumate said...

With no holidays here to buffer us until Christmas {Brits don't really celebrate Halloween, and definitely don't celebrate Thanksgiving}, the entire city has already moved into Christmas mode. Lights are even being strung in the streets as I type this! Crazy, right?

Connie Weiss said...

I love planning early! And I just bought an app called....The Christmas List to track gifts!