What Elise Wore - Christmas Recap

In the blog world, there is a weekly "What I Wore Wednesday" linky party, a place where you can feature your favorite outfit from the past week. This party would laugh at me if I linked up, since I have no sense of style.

But you know who does? Little Elise--she has a closet full of the cutest outfits, and I have to admit that I love dressing her (can't wait until she gets old enough to accessorize!). I'm already dreading when some of my favorite outfits no longer fit her. And I'm learning all about how I can sew new clothes or repurpose items to keep her fashionable.

Fortunately, ONE little MOMMA hosts WKWW - What Kids Wore Wednesday, a place to link up all of your little one's most fashionable moments. I'm joining in (a day late this time!) and hoping to document Elise's growth, force myself to help her become more stylish than myself, and show off my favorites from her wardrobe from time to time.

We received so many Christmas outfits for her and she managed to fit in all but one, which was still too big. Here is a recap of Elise's Christmas style.

Clockwise L to R:
 {Polka Dot Bow Tunic & Leggings - Carter's (Kohls), Headband - Walmart}
{Plaid Dress  - Child of Mine (Walmart), Marabou Pouf Headband - Bella Mimi Couture}
{Striped Bodysuit and Matching Dress - Little Me (Gift), Headband - Walmart}


Kilee Nickels said...

She is such a doll! I love her litlte polka dots and bows. I totally get you about dreading when they will grow out of your favorite outfits- felt the same when mine were tiny! Thanks for linking up!


Marian Hertzog said...

She is sooooo cute! I love her Christmas outfits! Those headbands are adorable. They didn't have those when my girls were babies. Does she leave them on?

Ann said...

She is sooooo cute!!!

Emmy said...

So cute!! I could never link up with one of those what you wore sites either- I just don't put that much time into it. But yes little girls are so fun to dress

Janette Johanson said...

My kids def. dress better than me and here's why.
To buy a new shirt for me costs between $25-65.
To buy my children a new shirt it could cost $2.99-$15.
I'd rather buy my kids 32 new shirts and other items than 1 shirt for myself. I can't justify spending that much on my own clothes anymore when I know I can get kids stuff for cheaper and more quantity without sacrificing style or quality. Love Carter's & Children's Place-- they are awesome with coupons-- I just wish the adult stores were as well priced-- Elise is beautiful!! Love it!!

becca said...

OMg how cute is she i love totally styling

LeeLu Creations said...

Such cuteness! Great family photo. :)