DIY Car Seat Cover

I'm sure it comes as a surprise to no one that Elise received a few handmade Christmas gifts. While it was her 1st Christmas, she is obviously not at an age where she understands or appreciates gifts--she was pretty underwhelmed with the whole thing and slept while we opened all of her gifts for her!

We got her a few fun things, and of course, some clothes (I love dressing her!), and then there were a few things that she needed. A car seat cover was on that list. It gets cold, windy, and snowy here in the winter and I need to keep my girl protected! It took just 2 yards of flannel fabric and 1 yard of ribbon and less than 30 minutes to sew this. I know that I could have purchased one, but not for the $6 it cost to make this one and certainly not in a print that would coordinate so well with her car seat.

Covered up and protected...

And flipped back to reveal her cuteness!

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Emmy said...

Great job! And yes you can't beat that price.