Losing Our Marbles...

I told you that I am knee deep in VBS this week and that the boys (yes, I've had a class of boys this week!) are teaching me all sorts of fun stuff. I'm all up on the latest with Ninjagos (those are Ninja Legos, if you didn't know), have been shown the proper stomping technique if you want to kill a spider, and have found that in addition to marching and shouting, karate chops are a great way to fell a cereal box Wall of Jericho.

Know what else I have learned? Kids do not need fancy toys. I spent a total of 2 bucks to put together a marble race (it's just a pool noodle cut in half and set in a trash can...) and they would race each other all night long if I would let them. You have to love the simplicity of kids!

P.S.--I'm all up on the latest trends in paper airplane making,too, so let me know if you need some help!


becca said...

i love this and you're right the simplest of toys are the best

Jill said...

Awesome idea...and so true, it takes so little to entertain kids for hours!! I'm going to have to try this with my niece and nephew, I bet they'd LOVE it! Have a great weekend, Stacie :)