The 20 Year Plan

We celebrated The Rev's completion of the 20 year plan this weekend. We finally got him graduated from college! It has been a long road and he has spent many late nights taking tests, writing papers and worrying about his grades. He really has worked soooooo hard and I am so proud. He's going to take about a month off and then dive head first into the Master's program. Pray for us both--I barely survived this degree!!

(Receiving his degree and receiving his hood)

(The Rev, his parents and brother, my Mom, and me)

(The Rev and MeeMaw)

(Me, the Rev, and Team Jacie--minus my babies their boys)

(The shot of the day--The Rev and Chuckles started college together and finished together...with 20 years in between!)

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Impulsive Addict said...

Great pics my friend!

I will say a prayer for you. I can only image how the Masters program will be for you.

If he goes missing, I'll say I knew NOTHING.