Tipsy Tuesday (#117)

Oven racks are not stationary...

Tip #117

and for a good reason. Use the proper position for the best results.

Roasted vegetables, casseroles and any dish that you want to brown on top should go on the highest oven rack, while dishes that you want to brown on the bottom, such as pizza, should be placed on the lowest rack. Cookies, bread, and other baked goods will turn out best in the middle of the oven because that is the position for the most even heat.


Impulsive Addict said...

Well, that just makes perfect sense! Maybe I can get it right now.

Johanson Family said...

great tip!! I always shove everything in there with the middle rack setting-- no matter what it is.
Unless its broiled bread to get the crispy tops.. then i'll move it up. :)