What's Up this Wednesday?

This Wednesday, I:
  • made the Pioneer Woman's Soul Sweet Taters to take to Thanksgiving with the Rev's side of the family tomorrow.
  • made my favorite Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with cream cheese frosting to take with as well--so hard not to cut a big old slab and inhale it!
  • worked on getting some Christmas decorations set out--2 rooms down!
  • made wipes cases for next weekend's Holiday Expo.
  • did laundry--AGAIN!
  • designed the invitation for our annual Christmas Open House.
  • realized that it is a good thing we aren't usually home on Wednesday evenings--there is absolutely jack squat on TV...
  • started plotting my Black Friday strategy...be afraid, be VERY afraid...

And, yeah, that is about it. What about you? What is up with you this Wednesday?

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