Count Blessings, Not Sheep

Recently, a friend posted on her Facebook status that she had been awakened each night for several nights in a row and found herself unable to go back to sleep. Of course, as we do on Facebook, everyone had suggestions for what might help -- warm milk, a good book, cleaning, counting sheep, and on and on.

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Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I stay up too late many nights reading blogs AND FB. I just LOVE that garland! Can't wait to see your wreath. The wood was actually cheaper than I could have found a used frame. Of course, I'm lucky to have someone that cut and nailed it together for me too. LOL I'm not a power tool kinda gal.

ConnieW said...

Sometimes I count off ... one, two, three all the way to 60 or until the time changes on my digital clock and then I start over trying to time the seconds in my mind appropriately to the actual seconds passing. This usually puts me to sleep after a minute or two.