Tipsy Tuesday (#86)

Fall is in the air...

Tip #86

and soon leaves will be on the ground. Here is a great way to use some of them, no raking required!

Do you have perennials in containers outside? If you leave those containers outdoors unprotected over winter the poor plants will turn to mush after a couple of frosts. Most people bring them inside for the winter. But our upcoming abundance of Fall leaves gives you another option to keep your potted plants happy and alive. Drag, push or shove the containers up against an outside wall of your home--any side that DOESN'T face South. Then completely cover the containers--tops and sides--with several inches of shredded leaves. Lay some chicken wire over top to keep those leaves in place, and then hide the wire with more shredded leaves. Come Spring, just dig the pots out of their leaf piles and set them back in place. No muss, no fuss!

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