But Don't Get Crazy..

We had a party last night and I intended to blog all about it today, but its Monday, and I'm not feeling it. What I am feeling is a good laugh, maybe you are, too. So, I'm joining up with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma to share my favorite YouTube video. It has no educational value and lots of bad grammar, and it almost makes me pee my pants every time I see it. Enjoy! I'll catch you up on the party later this week..

Bon Qui Qui (It is all protected and stuff, so I can't embed the video here, but trust me it is worth clicking over!)


Kellyology said...

Sa-koority! Oh my...I'm so calling sakoority on my kids the next time they give me a complicated order at dinner time. ;)

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Lol - my cousin loves this video too!

Jamie said...

Is that what you had said? :)

Baloney said...

Hilarious. I'd never seen that!
I need some sa-koority around here. :)