We Mixed It Up!

Several months ago, I joined the Pssst...Network, a new way to get news about products, samples and coupons. Another great facet to the program, is MyGetTogether, where you can apply for the opportunity to host get togethers featuring General Mills' products. I was recently selected to host a football themed Chex Mix Get Together. They sent me plates, napkins, a Chex Mix bowl, 3 great flavors of Chex Mix and coupons for all of our guests.

We invited half of our deacons and their wives to join us for the fun. Normally, I am all about planning and hosting, but adjusting to my new schedule has left me a little overwhelmed. Then, I noticed this in my host materials-"If you’re feeling overwhelmed when hosting a party, get relief with pre-made snacks at the supermarket." So, instead of stressing and cooking up a frenzy, I used the great Chex snacks (the Turtle flavor was a HUGE hit!), added a few appetizers, some fondue and asked everybody to bring their favorite snack. I forgot all about taking pictures and I had games planned that we never got around to playing, because I looked around and noticed that everybody was just enjoying chatting and hanging out (in perfect junior high fashion, with guys on one side and girls on the other!), and that is what having a get together is all about.

If you like hosting, consider signing up today!

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Kristin said...

How cool! I'm going to go check this out.