Advent Swap 2009 - Days 7-13

Another week brought more goodies to open from Illene ! This weeks packages included a wall calendar with beautiful pictures of Australia that will make inexpensive framed art when I am done with the calendar, a pocket calendar, a Magic Tree (I haven't seen one of those in ages!), a Breast Cancer awareness bear, Australia pen and pencil, and hotel soaps all the way from down under (can't believe that Illene remembered that I collect those from one of our early conversations!)

So, if you are counting, that is only 6 gifts, so what was the 7th gift of the week, you ask? It was these little pieces of yummy goodness. I received 4 of these little Cherry Ripe bars, yes you are only seeing 2 in the photo, because the other 2 were scarfed down pretty quickly! They are a mix of coconut, cherries and dark chocolate and they are some kind of good! Thanks again, Illene! More to come next week!

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