Tipsy Tuesday (#32)

OK, you can tell me, I won't tell anyone that you have one...Everybody has one of those drawers, you know a junk drawer that you would be mortified if any guest opened and forget about actually trying to find anything in it. OK, deep breath, let's tackle it together.

Tip #32
Dump the junk and reclaim that drawer.

Take stock of what is in your drawer and remove or add items as necessary to get everything that you need for quick fixes on hand.

Suggested items to keep in your newly organized space are: matches, rubber bands, tape, Super Glue, eyeglass repair kit, twine, level, batteries in various sizes, sewing kit, stain remover pads, multihead screwdriver, scissors, tape measure, utility knife, hammer, screws and nails, and a hammer.


Richella said...

Hi Stacie--

Could you just come here and organize my junk drawer(s) for me? Yours looks so much better than mine EVER looks!

On another note, I'm so sorry that I've not yet responded to your kind "Honest Scrap" award for me. I'm so lame--I've just now figured out how to display the "Honest Scrap" sign (or at least I think I've figured it out). I'm sorry that it's probably seemed that I am ungrateful for the award because I haven't mentioned it yet. I'm actually very grateful; I'm just unorganized and technologically challenged.

Hope your anniversary was WONDERFUL! In this day and time, five years is really an occasion for celebration!!


Shannon said...

o man! YOu found me out! EVERYTHING in my house is pretty dang organized... with the silly exception of THAT DRAWER! And I DO organize it - OFTEN.. it is just the catch-all (papers, pens, post-it pads, etc., etc. and yes one more etc.)! I like the little organizer you have displayed.. maybe I should try THAT!