Jack Squat

That is exactly what I have managed to accomplish this week. It has been raining for almost 2 weeks straight, which is killing my sinuses, combine that with the BLAH that is unemployment and it is just dragging me down. I have several projects half started, which I will finish in this next week or so and share with you, but for now, I've got nothing...wait, I do have a few bits of randomness to share...
1. The Gamecocks pulled out a big victory for us this week.
2. Our co-ed softball team won 2 huge games, despite having to play with only 8 players. The Rev is a softball stud...
3. A new season of Dancing with the Stars kicked off and so far I am not impressed. We are going to attempt to follow that new show FlashForward, but as usually happens with us, once we decide to watch a show it gets cancelled leaving us hanging, so we'll see. And, if you are not watching Bully Beatdown on MTV, why not? It is the biggest laugh I get all week!
4. Still on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume for Scarlett...I'll keep you posted.
5. I have about had it with cell phones--one went off during a funeral that I attended this week and I just wanted to pull that person aside and give them a piece of my mind. Seriously, are any of us so important that we can't take an hour out of our life and away from our phone?
Yep, that's about all of the sunshine I have to spread today. I saw a blogging article on creating a signature for your posts, so I am going to attempt that later today. Maybe I'll feel better if I get some productivity going on. Look for it soon!
Thanks for putting up with my lack of posting this week..."You know I love you more than my luggage." (bonus points to the first person who can identify that movie quote...)


retdairyqueen said...

Hi Stacie
We are having cold wet and WINDY weather here
Iam getting a bit of sewing done though so thats good
Hugs Illene

kristi_temple said...

Hi Stacie,
I hate when people can't seem to peel themselves from their phones whether while driving, at a restaurant or at church.

Your movie quote is from Steel Magnolias. What do bonus points get me?

I hope you have an awesome week.