The Easiest Way to Hang a Photo Collage

I visited my Mom for a few days this week and tried to help her get a few things done... in between massive amounts of shopping in big city stores, of course. One thing that she has been begging for help with for months is hanging some pictures in her bedroom. Mom is pretty indecisive, so I knew that this method of hanging a photo collage, which is a good visual aid when you just can't imagine how something will look, would be good for her.

You start by tracing each frame onto craft paper and cutting it out. Then, you make a nail hole in the paper where your hanging hardware is located on the frame back (pictured below).

Experiment with the "paper photos," using painter's tape, since it is easily removed, until you have the layout that you like (pictured below)

Now, hammer a nail into the hole that you marked earlier, remove the paper, hang your photos and Voila! You have a beautiful photo collage (pictured below). As a side note, this is really easy to do, especially if you aren't standing on the bed to do it...

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retdairyqueen said...

Looks good Was she happy with the results?