(Me and the Rev at last year's USC Ladies' Clinic in Columbia, SC)

Its that time of year again...a favorite around here...that's right...its FOOTBALL SEASON!! I have to confess that I was mostly an NFL girl before I met the Rev, but he won me over to his beloved South Carolina Gamecocks and now I get all excited about college ball. We hardly watch anything else but football from Thursday night to Sunday once the season starts. And that doesn't even include all of the time that we spend "coaching" our fantasy teams (my team, BeautyandtheBeasts has been 2nd the last two seasons, this just might be my year!). And really, what is not to love...
Good food

(Monkey Brains, Cookie Dough Brownies, and Stuffed Pizza Rolls)

Cool mascots

(Scarlett in her Gamecocks T-shirt--worn for all games)

and it doesn't hurt when you win, like we did in our season opener! So, go Gamecocks, go BeautyandtheBeasts!

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Mandi Shandi said...

Oh if you only lived closer. Lonnie bleeds garnet! He is a die hard gamecock fan and a huge fantasy football player. I could definitely help put away some of those goodies!