Tipsy Tuesday (#24)

I love neatness and order, so spills make me crazy (I know, I know, have to work on that before any kiddos come along). Accidents and spills are inevitable for kids, and the condensation that builds on our glasses during sweltering summer days doesn't help.

Tip #24

Use regular old rubber bands to help control spills.

Secure two or three rubber bands around a cup or glass, one above the other. The bands provide traction around the perspiring cup and help prevent it from slipping through your child's hands.

P.S. That is a rubber band ball in the pic, one of BestBuys' favorites to make as a boy. Just wrap rubber bands around a nickel and see how big you can get it to be! Cheap fun for the kids! But be warned, if a brother throws one at his sister, it will really hurt...take my word for it...


Shannon said...

i need to get some rubber bands! Can you believe I don't have any in this house?
Thanks for the tip!

Mandi said...

I'll have to try this. Thanks for the tip!