Rock Climbing...

is not for me. Today, I helped out Marathon Mama again with a field trip. This one was waaaayyyy outside of my comfort zone. I am so uncoordinated and today was just a magnification of that feeling.

We started out with a curvy ride up the mountain, followed by a steep, slippery hike to the actual rock climbing site. I was already sweating, out of breath, and sick to my stomach by the time we got up there. I think the height and the stress of trying not to fall (you laugh, but I am really THAT uncoordinated!) led to a mini panic attack. I was envisioning this cute carved rock, with some man made holds and little platforms for my feet. Nope, it was a real, huge rock, with little cracks to try and wedge your feet and hands in. I was so freaked by it all, that I didn't even suit up. Just sat back and watched the kids all day, wearing a dorky helmet that you have to wear even if you aren't climbing.

I am disappointed in myself, especially since all but one of the kids jumped in and participated. If I could go back about 15 years, I would try so many things while I was still young and too dumb to be afraid.

But I still had fun with the group and even though I bailed on rock climbing, I realized that I am a pretty darn good cheerleader--minus the short skirt, pompoms, and ability to do jumps and splits, of course!

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