Tipsy Tuesday (#23)

Having or working with young children means alot of nose wiping, diaper changing, teeth pulling and shoe tying. Ah, the joys of children learning to tie their shoes--would velcro at age 40 really be that bad? OK, maybe not ideal, so how do you help the process along?

Tip #23

Visit your bathroom cabinet for this shoe tying helper.

Coat the ends of your child's laces with baby powder before they knot their shoes. The talc in the powder absorbs the grease and dirt that can make laces slippery. The talc also provides a slight friction to help little hands grip laces and knots stay in place.


Shannon said...

GREAT idea! I will be trying that when my lil guy starts to learn to tie his shoes... as with everything else, my little girl taught HERSELF to tie her shoes and had it perfected within a day or two!

Doty Family said...

Hi Stacie! I am your Favorite things Swap partner!! We have a lot in common, so I think our baskets should be a hit with one another.

I will get your basket out in the mail as soon as I get back from vacation next week.

Yeah!! I am excited!