I'm On A Boat!

The organization that I work for operates a group for middle school youth during the summer designed to get them to make healthier eating choices and be more physically active. The group is geared towards students that have been identified as at risk for obesity, diabetes, and other weight related illnesses. The students come for a full day twice a week and plan menus, cook healthy lunches, prepare take home meals, work out at the gym, and engage in field trips that are designed to make fitness fun.

I have been helping Marathon Mama out with the program a little this summer. Up until now, I have mostly been her help with weekly cooking projects (Marathon Mama is not particularly known for her kitchen skills:)). But yesterday, I finally got to go on a field trip! We took the group to the
U.S. National Whitewater Center for whitewater rafting. Its a pretty neat place with rock walls, zip lines, kayaking, hiking and rafting. We planned to do some zip lines, but thunderstorms put the kibosh on that.

We had fun and for those of you who know the scope of my coordination, I'd like for it to be known that I stayed in the raft, no flipping at all--Marathon Mama's raft, not so much! But all in all a good day, full of Marathon Mama's mad driving skills, teenagers (boys included) singing Taylor Swift at the top of their lungs in the van, some great one liners from our tour guide, and of course Marathon Mama's repeated reminders that there are "cops in the bushes" all along I-77!

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Mandi said...

I didn't know what kind of work you did, but I'm glad I do now. What a wonderful and worthwhile cause, making teens healthy. Glad you had a good day!