Tipsy Tuesday (#12)

I love the internet--I use it for everything--email correspondence, social networking, shopping, bill paying--you name it. But, I realize that some of you still write letters and pay bills by snail mail, so today's tip is for you.

Tip #12

Stock up on "forever stamps" before postage increases on May 11, 2009.

As of May 11, you will pay 2 cents more to mail a first class letter, unless you stock up on forever stamps. What is a forever stamp, you ask? They are basically stamps that you purchase at the locked in current rate (42 cents, as opposed to the new 44 cents). As long as you place them on domestic letters weighing less than an ounce, you can use them forever, no matter how many times postage increases. No need to fool with those pesky little 2 cent stamps to meet postage requirements.

Want more info? Click here for a Forever Stamp Fact Sheet.

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