Happy Birthday, MeeMaw!

Today is my dear sweet MeeMaw's birthday. I could go on and on about what an amazing woman she is and how much we all love her. She truly is the one that holds our family together. If I had to narrow down the 2 greatest lessons that I have learned from MeeMaw, it would be this:

1. "I'll be better tomorrow."
No matter how bad she may feel or how many health problems she is having, when you ask her how she is, she will always answer with "I'll be better tomorrow." And she really means it, she never focuses on the pain or struggles of today, just looks forward to the next day.

2. "Pretty is as pretty does."
I haven't heard her use this one in a while, but I heard it many times as a child. Not until you are older do you truly understand and appreciate wisdom like that. If its really true and you are only as pretty as your actions and the things that you do for others, (and I have to believe that it is, because I have never known my MeeMaw to lie) then I have the most beautiful MeeMaw in the world!

Happy Birthday, MeeMaw. We love you!

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