Mother's Day Jewelry Class

I had the opportunity today to teach a local 4-H club a Beginner's Jewelry Class. The goal for the club meeting was for each child to make a bracelet for their Mom (or Grandmother, Aunt, or other significant special lady) as a Mother's Day gift.

I chose a simple fabric covered bracelet, since it only requires the ability to stuff beads into a fabric tube and tie knots--perfect for a group with varied ages and skill levels.
I pre-sewed the fabric tubes in a variety of colors and circulated around making sure each child had the basic concept down.
They are each unique and I am sure that next week there will be plenty of smiles on the faces of the special ladies in their lives!
No pics of the class since 1.) I don't want to put other peoples kids on the net without permission, and 2.) with 12 kids it was all we could do to finish the projects and get them wrapped! But here is a pic of the sample bracelet that I made to show to the group.

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